Windows Of Opportunity

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A double layer of reptile-inspired banding sets off dramatic metallic linen faux Roman shades.

Interior Design Chicago Area

The lower embroidered panel is separated from the top textural fabric with a reflective coin tape trim.

The windows of your home are more than just a source of light, privacy and decoration. They are in a very real sense, a second set of eyes that provide perspective of the world around you.

Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.

Edith Wharton

Every day, you drink in everything from the practical aspects of your life—the weather and the time of day—to the activities surrounding you—visitors striding up your walkway, kids coming home, neighbors gathering outside. Perhaps your view includes a lake, garden, golf course or sculpture. Those moments could be your touchstone for the day—a time to reflect, meditate or relax.

What covers or frames those windows also plays a vital role. Gossamer or flowing panels can soften a view and mood of a room. Roman shades stack up in uniform pleats to convey a tailored look. At the click of a button or phone, motorized shades provide easy privacy and an ideal sleeping setting.

Today, the possibilities for window treatments are endless, from totally unadorned windows to elaborate layers of fabrics, textures and hardware.

Interior Design Chicago Area

With its arched cornice of solid cherry and champagne-colored cashmere embroidered panels, this opulent window won first place in 2019 IWCE Combination Treatment.

Interior Design Chicago Area
Interior Design Chicago Area

Awarded first place in 2019 IWCE Decorative Hardware and Trimmings, these jungle green turban valances disguise motorized privacy shades.

The design team at Katherine Elizabeth Designs is especially tuned into just the right window treatments for their clients. Just this spring, Katie Wozniak was awarded the highly competitive IWCE (International Window Coverings Expo) Excellence Award Designer of the Year. Taking home the top designer award in window treatments from an international pool of talent was quite an accomplishment. Along with this standout recognition, her team also brought home two first place awards for Combination Treatment and Decorative Hardware and Trimmings.

As a "winner to the world," Katie had this to say about her accomplishment:

"The unique aspect of window treatments is that they fulfill both a practical and personal role in a home. On one hand, they ensure privacy and diffuse light. On the other hand, they create important layers of warmth, personality and dimension. After starting with functionality, I can run the gamut with color, texture, trim, hardware and fabric. I feel a home is never fully dressed without just the right window treatments."

As you drink in your own unique view of the world, consider all the many possibilities that await you with “just the right” window dressing.

Interior Design Chicago Area
Interior Design Chicago Area

IWCE Award presented to Katherine Elizabeth Designs by Grace McNamara, President, AIM Communications.