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A Place for Everyone

How do you create a home that serves as an intimate sanctuary for two as well as an expansive retreat for 28? A place that seamlessly blends formal and informal living with impeccable style? The answer is simple - you put the creative team of Katherine Elizabeth Designs to work on every aspect from weighing in on the construction to executing the overall design of a home on the shores of Powers Lake in Wisconsin.

Tuscan Treasure

It’s glorious when a designer gets to be involved in everything in a home—from the nuts and bolts of construction to placing bath soaps. The result is that everything flows. There’s a natural harmony where nothing is left to chance. The style—the layout—the furnishings—all make perfect sense.

Full Circle

Organic materials. Modern angles. Curvilinear shapes. The mid-century modern aesthetic is back with a vengeance. However, for some families, it never left. Since they were newlyweds, our adventurous couple loved the clean lines, functionality and sleek innovation that characterized this unique era.

Singing the Blues

This well-traveled couple had a different kind of blues in mind when they decided to escape snowy winters in the Midwest and build a second home in southern Florida.

Their song is about the seamless blue between sea and sky…the comfortable sapphire, teal and sand-colored palette of furnishings, floors and walls…the sparkling pool where the grandkids play. Most of all for them, Florida is about creating colorful memories with family and friends.

The Bright Side

Walking into their new clients’ home, the team at Katherine Elizabeth Designs immediately recognized three distinct challenges. The house felt dark. The focus was split between an unappealing 1970s fireplace and a tired entertainment cabinet. And third, the great room and the kitchen were disconnected entities. It was time to brighten things up for the busy working parents and their active young children.

Tale of Two Spaces

From the back, this lakeside home has the lines of a modern cruise ship. From the front—the welcoming silhouette of a classic farm house. That dichotomy is precisely what makes this house so special—the interesting marriage of traditional and luxe modern. Interestingly, it's also what also defines the personality of the owner—a combination of cutting edge and conventional.

The Lake Effect

This lake home that had been in a family since the grandparents bought it back in the '40s. The multi-generational family had outgrown the one bathroom, outdated home. A tear-down was in order to incorporate modern amenities and give the entire home a fresh, sensible layout while maintaining its tranquility and rich history.

Modern Family

Take one lake, two living areas, ten bedrooms, and four levels and you have an ideal weekend summer retreat for two families to relax away from the city.

Corporate Environments

Well-designed workplace environments support a company’s image and culture. Katherine Elizabeth Designs works with corporate clients to create beautiful spaces that inspire collaboration and productivity.

The Great Escape

Sometimes a busy working mother needs a quiet space all to herself to retreat and revitalize to get ready for the challenges of the day. The renovation and redesign of the master bath gave every indication that this would be that quintessential, magical place.

The Woman Cave

Sometimes, a designer's bright idea can completely transform how a family lives in their home. The first inspiration for the Woman Cave in the back room of a client's splendid estate began with the morning sun that poured through the windows at just the right angle. The second inspiration was a captivating painting of an angel, imbued with color, serenity and personality. And the third inspiration for the room was the pastoral garden setting that the owners wanted to bring inside. It turned out to be a magical combination.

Living In The Present

Life is all about change. One day, you're running your kids to sports practices and the next moment they're running their own lives. Suddenly you look around and realize it's time to adapt your surroundings to keep up with those changes.

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